Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Another Skating Dress Pattern

Well now that we have a strut costume idea going, I needed another costume for one of her solos. Because Ms. Em's novelty baton twirling routine is to to a song from the soundtrack of the Lemony Snicket movie, I was trying to think of a gothic type costume for it to go along with the movie-themed gothic look, so I have been trying to get ideas online, and Em finally found this dress she really likes. She likes the skirt part the most, which does look very cool.

And today I found this pattern and ordered it from sewingpatterns.com to so something similar. I really like the neckline and sleeves in this pattern, the darker dress, for her, and then add some weird layered skirts to it. I have a dark fuschia, almost a plum color stretch velvet with a black stretch velvet that I think would look awesome for the bodice this dress, yet still be "gothic". I think I need to get some matching stretchy chiffon or something similar to do some underskirt, then the upper skirts will be the velvet.

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