Saturday, February 02, 2008

Geez, lady is this a Sewing Blog or a Book Club?

Ok so I admit it...I am diehard bookworm. I breathe in books. I feel panicked if I don't have a stack of books to read. I love books. I love libraries and I love to get lost in a bookstore, especially used book stores. Half Price Books is my favorite -- and not the little ones around the Dallas area, but the big mama one near North Park mall that's in an old super sporting goods store. It drives my husband crazy but I will spend hours in that store and still find a dozen new books I need to buy.

Ok so back to what I was originally going to do -- post some book reviews...So have you read The Time Traveler's Wife?? I gave my copy to my MIL and I hope I get it back soon. I think that is my favorite book EVER. I can't wait to read it again.

I just finishd this book about a week ago. It's a big book, over 500 pages, but it's a definite page turner. I couldn't put it down and when I had to put it down, I would find ways to go grab it and read a page or 2. It's about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, his second wife and her sister, Mary Boleyn. It's historical fiction, and the movie is coming out this year, soon I think. The Boleyn family wants to move up in the world and so they push Mary to become the king's mistress, and she falls in love and has 2 babies with him. Then after baby #2, while she's still recovering from the birth, Anne wiggles her way to become his mistress and eventually the queen. What I liked about it was it is written very contemporary and not with a bunch of "thee's and thou's." But since you know what happens to Anne in the end, you can't quit reading for what happens to lead up to her death.
This is the current book I'm reading, and I am enjoying it as much as The Other Boleyn Girl. This one involves some new players in the court of Henry VIII. This is set much later after Anne's death and after the third queen Jane Seymour dies in childbirth. This one is told by 3 women - the new queen from Germany, Anne of Cleves - who the king doesn't like; a new Boleyn girl named Katherine Howard who has the eye of the king; and Jane Boleyn, the sister-in-law of Anne Boleyn who gave the testimony that lead to her death. In the first book, you do not like Jane Boleyn, she's very lewd with her words and always spying on Anne Boleyn and her brother (Jane's husband), but in this book you see another side and understand her more. I'm about halfway through and it's a page turner just like the first.
This one is by the same author, but I have not read it yet. It's the next one I'm going to read. It is about a 14 yr old Jewish girl who can see the future and flees from the Spanish Inquisition and gets hired as the queen's fool for Queen Mary and later Elizabeth.

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Anonymous said...

I have read everyone of the books you have mentioned on your blog. I just had to comment. I loved each one. My daughter had read them too and enjoyed them,she is an avid reader. I was just so taken aback when I read your blog, that here is someone who likes to read and has read some of the same books I have. Happy reading and sewing. Oh, yeah, I like to sew too.