Thursday, February 14, 2008

Girl's Baton Twirling Costume Pattern

So I've been trying to find a particular style of swimsuit or leotard in a sewing pattern to make a more classical style of strut costume for Ms Em. I found this pattern on eBay and it looks perfect. I got it today in the mail, and it's even better than I was hoping. It's vintage McCalls 9726. It has a back zipper in just the right place for a twirling costume, and it has some criss cross straps with a low back that look very easy to redesign into an more up-to-date back. I'm going to my favorite fabric outlet store tomorrow and see if they have any super stretch spandex so I can get started on it this weekend.

I just filed our taxes a few minutes ago. Yippee! We're getting a refund so we're paying off the air conditioner we had to buy this summer and my husband is going to redo the tile in the bathtub into one of those 3-piece bathtub wall things with the fake tile. Since we're homeschooling, I don't have to use our entire refund to pay private school tuition and can pay off some bills.

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