Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Got my Luxe ribbon!!

I won yards of ribbon over at TrendWatcher from their ribbon line. Oh my gosh, this stuff is yummy wondeful!! Very nice, high quality ribbon. I have the package sitting on my desk right now calling my name to make some with it.

Oh and I saw the coolest thing on that Sandi Genovese(sp?) show on HGTV or DIY? I can't remember which one she's on. It was like 4 in the morning I saw it, thanks to my 4 yr old. Anyway, this lady made molds of just regular things using stuff like that Crayola Magic clay stuff. I'm not sure what brand she used, but it looked just like that magic clay from Crayola. It's really lightweight clay that dries super fast. First she used it to make a mold of something like a cute metal girly girl dress thing that hung on a wall, then once it dried, she put in more magic clay into the mold and created the actual thing, so she could paint it and then stick in a scrapbook page. She used pencils to do it too for a school scrapbook page. But I thought that was very neat to make in a mixed media collage for a shadow box. I got this neat idea to do something like that with a miniature dressform, then create a little "sewing/designing" shadow box with fabric samples. Oh my -- just writing this is making me create the whole thing in my head, like a miniature shadow box of Project Runway. I'm going to have to do this really soon before I forget, lol. It would go absolutely perfect in my mini-sewing room. And some of my new Luxe ribbon would be perfect to finish it off. You have to get some of this ribbon, I love the floral ones.

Wow, it took me forever to find the link to the episode, but she's on Scrapbooking on DIY and this is the link to what I was talking about.

Ok back to work, I'm screwing off again, lol.

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