Friday, August 17, 2007

the a/c saga continues

I know this is just thrilling to talk about, you have to be on the edge of your seat just waiting to hear my newest a/c updated, so here it is! As I write, dh is at our house getting the new a/c installed. So it was slightly better than expected, we only have to spend $3500. Basically the previous owners of our home got a 3-ton system and didn't replace the 2-ton coils, so our system has been working its butt off for nothing. Isn't that great? Which is very typical for the do-it-himself kinda guy the previous owner was -- you would not believe some of the stupid things we've found he has done to this house.

So, this a/c guy (who was so much better than the first idiot) said our inside part is great, but because of the 3-ton/2-ton issue, we need a new one outside. So they are running new lines because ours are too small and putting the new outside part in right now. Hopefully by tonight we can checkout of Hotel Grandma.

Oh and if you are in Texas and have had your head up your rear for the last few weeks, this weekend is Tax Free weekend, starts today and goes through midnight on Sunday night. We'll be doing shoes this weekend for both kidlets. Happy shopping!

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