Monday, August 06, 2007

A little Baby Craft & Sew

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My mom loves my art, so she asked me to make a baby version as a gift for my newest niece. My brother has 5 kids and they keep popping them out as fast as they can, lol. My SIL is into the whole "quiverful" thing that some christians do. My brother is into the tax deductions...and sadly, I'm not kidding.

So I thought I'd share what I made. Usually I make a new baby outfit for them, but with the house for sale, it's much easier to clean up paper crafting than sewing.

Somethings I just LOVE how they come out, other things I'm not sure about this, this was one of those. My mom thought it was gorgeous and she's going to get it matted for me. So until then, it's in a scrapbook frame.

Knowing my brother and his wife, they'll probably keep it hidden in a closet forever or possibly throw it away. They do not like me or my family and purposely go out of their way to exclude us from any family gatherings they have. I think it's because I breathe air or something. It gets much, much worse, like telling other relatives lies about my children, but I digress...and try to be above their immature weirdness.

So here it is:

My mom has asked me to go in half with her for a craft fair booth before Xmas. We're not sure where we want to do it yet. I'm a boutique-y style of crafter, so I don't think I really fit into those country type craft fair things. Hmmm...I need to research this.

Ok back to work and to drink my yummy Mint and Honey Sweet Leaf Tea. I swear it tastes like I'm drinking Wrigley's Doublemint gum, it's so yummy. You can get 12 packs of it at Costco. Well it's been fun, but I've been off at the dentist this afternoon and have reports to type before too, fun fun (insert sarcastic eye roll here)!

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