Thursday, August 02, 2007

It's just one of those days....make that one of those week

So I've ignored you long enough, I felt the guilt to update the world on my life. But I'm warning you now, this will be a long annoying post, so come hang out and join me in my "poor, poor me" pity party.

It's been one of those days, well I take that back, it's been one of those weeks. I am getting sick, I can feel the sinus infection/respiratory infection coming over me.

Then my blankety-blank headphones crap out on Tuesday. Yes, the $50 Sony earbuds that I love have just crapped out, for the third time this year. No one else makes earbuds I can stand since I wear them all day for my job, so I keep breaking these pieces o'crap and keep buying them. I'm not sure what happens, but suddenly only one side works, and this is the third time it has happened. And isn't it convenient that they manage to break about a few days after the 90 day warranty ends? Hmmm?

So I was using my crappity-crap-crap backup pair. Those horrific JVC gummies I think they are called. They will kill your ears before popping out incessantly. And I can't hear a thing with them, they let too much outside noise in since they slowly pop out.

Let's see what else went wrong, well then at about 9 pm last night my foot pedal literally broke in half. I was working, and switched to a new job, started to type and suddenly I hear a "Crunch!" I thought maybe I had moved the foot pedal onto something and crunched something underneath, but uh, no, I actually just broke it off. I think it's just a poorly designed foot pedal. Thank goodness my mom is also an MT and had an extra one so I had to go meet my dad halfway, which left me about 2 hours behind in work. So I was up working til about 2 am this morning.....along with my children, who apparently have evolved the human race to require no sleeping. I cannot get them into bed until 5 am, this has been going on for days. I am at my wits end with their refusal to sleep. I drag them out of bed earlier and earlier, I try to wear them out with activity everyday, but nothing is working.

And to make matters worse, my husband is leaving on another trip to Europe. And I don't want to hear another thing about how hard it is. Can you imagine -- flying first class, then staying in an expensive hotel, your room and bed are cleaned everyday, someone else provides all your meals, and you are in the pub with your friends until midnight most nights? Poor guy, that must just be awful.

Then, there is the 3 yr old who hates me. I cut his burrito in half so it would cool faster. Apparently I should be stoned to death for that one. He layed on the floor and threw a fit for quite some time. And to make it even worse, I am the worst mommy ever because then I refused to let him eat in front of the TV.

Oh wait, the best part is the $500 for new tires today. Yippee. But I should mention, if you want to save money for tires, what was going to cost us $700 is now $500. Order your tires at and then have Walmart put them on for about $11/tire. Our Nissan Quest is a major PITA when it comes to tires, up until recently there was only one tire that was made for it, now there are 2 different tires made for it and the second is a Yokohama and about $50 cheaper and has great reviews, but nobody sells it, you have to order it, so that's how I saved $200 on tires.

And I'm going to run a little sale on my sewing patterns starting sometime tonight. Stay tuned. I'll be posting a coupon code later.

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