Friday, August 10, 2007

New tutorial coming tonight - Baby Car Seat Cover

I've got a new tutorial I'm putting up tonight for a baby sewing project. It's a quickie little thing, and it's great for mommies who are due with new little babes in the winter.

I had my little boy was born in the month of January, the day before an ice storm, and blankets were a big PITA to tuck around him and made the handle slick when I carried his car seat. A lot of times I carried him in a sling, but when it was just too freakin' cold, I kept him in his car seat as a new baby until we got inside. So I went to find online to find a pattern to make one of those car seat covers that had a big hole for the head and fit with elastic around the car seat and I couldn't find one, so I made up my own for him, and it worked so great, I've decided to share it.

So I've got to tweak a couple of things and then I'll upload it after dinner tonight.

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