Wednesday, August 15, 2007

a little update

So my life in hell got even better. I met dh and the kids at the Holiday Inn on Tuesday night only to find when I got in the car, the freakin' windshield was cracked. Fun! Apparently on dh's way home from the airport over the weekend, from one of his European biz trips, he got hit by a rock and it wasn't until Tuesday when it was a 150 million degrees outside that it cracked the windshield all the way across.

So....yesterday we hired an idiot to come fix the a/c. Seriously, he was there a total of maybe 5 minutes. He put 4 pounds of freon in it, and then left. Didn't check anything out, didn't look for leaks....nothing. All for a $132. didn't work, it won't go below 83 degrees and that is when the a/c stays on all the time.

Now who is just dying to hear what my electric bill will be? I know I am. I'm taking bets. My guess will be $1k. Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster dh has an extra paycheck this month.

So...after one night in a hotel, me and the kids are camping out at Hotel Grandma while my parents are on vacation, and I ain't leavin' til the a/c is coolin', lol. Poor dh is still at home with no air and all the ceiling fans on, he would rather drive 5 minutes to work than an hour from grandma's house, lol.

We have a new a/c guy coming tomorrow to see if it's worth saving, or if we get to spend $5-6k on a new system. So my disney vacation is now officially in the toilet, swirling in blue water.

I swear if something else breaks, I'm going to need to be sedated.

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