Thursday, August 23, 2007

a little preschool update

Well...preschool was a success today!! He cried when I left him and didn't want me to leave, and then I left and sat in the car for 10 minutes crying and asking myself why I was doing this to him. So I picked him up before lunch and when I arrived, he was playing with another little boy and didn't even notice me. And the teacher said he quit crying as soon as I left. And he even made me an art collage. Yippee!!

We haven't quite made it to a full day, we'll keep doing half days until he's ready, but I'm just thrilled we made progress.

I was really starting to doubt he was ready for this and was beginning to wonder if my sweet little 3 yr old was ever going to make it to school or end up a 30something mama's boy living in the basement.

Oh oh! I got the dreaded electric bill. It was $60 cheaper than last month. Um, how did that happen? I'm hoping with the new 4-ton'er I'll have a nice little surprise next month.

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