Sunday, August 05, 2007

Final Exam

I've got some new patterns coming soon. By the end of the week I'm hoping to have at least one of the new ones up.

I just sent the final exam for the first half of my school program. It's an technically a very easy final, since all you do for it is analyze the errors you made on all the tests and how you won't make them again. I'm doing a MT distance learning school so I can move into a different speciality than what I'm doing now. You can't get hired without experience in other specialties and the only way I found around that was if you are a graduate from this particular school because companies know the quality of your education.

Anyway, so there were two errors throughout my tests where I don't agree with them and wrote a page on each of them of why they aren't wrong with lots of quoting of references. So now I'm feeling like a big chicken. One of the errors was a numbered list a doctor dictated which he missed a number and was off numbering, which is very common MT work, but my instructors reasoning was stupid for why the number should be one way and not another, which frankly have me questioning if she's ever had a "real" MT job. And then the other issue was over the word intraabdominal. I say intraabdominal without a hyphen is an acceptable variation of the word, I mean I have numerous reference books with that word in them, but my instructor took off points in last test for that word because it is supposed to have a hyphen, intra-abdominal. I'm still majorly pissed over that one.

I went back and forth on going along with the errors and just easily writing how I would avoid them in the future, but I decided I couldn't do that since I knew they were not wrong answers and simply variations (which is quite common in MT work) and if I went along with it, I would essentially be driving myself crazy. I figure they need to listen to me since I've maintained high straight As on all of these tests. I'm not an idiot, I am just a hellbent perfectionist.

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