Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cute Craft Totes

Have you seen these cute craft totes? I found super cheap ones at Walmart for a 3rd of the price.

I first saw them in use at my mom's favorite scrapbook store, Recollections, in the crop room. They're hiring and I'm trying to convince her to get a job there, she literally is in the store once a day, lol. Anyway, they had a ton of them for sale for $30. I almost bought one, but the bargain shopper that I am, decided to shop around and see if I could find a better deal. They also had really cute miniature versions for $15, which I might cave and buy my daughter one because they are so adorable.

But back to my story, I was walking through the Walmart craft department the other day and they had the same exact style of bags down to the little hidden drawer at the bottom of the bag. You can find them in the scrapbook aisle. I couldn't believe the price, so I looked it over thoroughly. They were only $9.99 for the full size version and they have several colors. They were out of pink...sigh, but they did have a cute chocolate brown one, so I picked it up. I really love it, I have my sewing/crafting notions in it, and I can carry it from room to room and sewing or scrapbook class too. It sure beats the 2 plastic totes I had stacked together with my notions and tools. And the little drawer is perfect to hide stamp pads from little boys who like to get into things, lol.

I brought it to my moms the other day and she saw it and I told her how cheap they are, so she's requesting one for her birthday in September.

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