Sunday, August 12, 2007

I'm an idiot

OMG, so today I wake up at 4 AM to realize that I have not bought my child her "dress" uniform for school which starts in one week. She has had to wear the same dress uniform since 1st grade, but now in 3rd grade they change it up and I haven't seen one damn thing in the mail about uniforms for the coming year. So I wake up and realize this in the middle of the night and have a freak out, lol. I cannot believe I forgot this. How did I forget about uniforms. I'm an idiot. We pay a fee and they provide every school supply, every book, even class party fees, but I totally forgot about the dress uniform changing.

On the first day of school and other "special" days they have to wear the "dress" uniform -- which is their stupid logo on a white button down shirt and a plaid skirt. They have their uniforms at Land's End. And 3rd and 4th grade are to wear a plaid "skirt" but 5th and 6th wear a pleated plaid skirt, so does that mean 3rd and 4th can't wear pleated? I have no freaking idea, they are so damn vague in their little book.

Well, I called Lands End and it looks like "possibly" I can get it by Fri/Sat but there is no guarantee. So I ordered a button down oxford shirt for the fastest, fastest shipping possible at $50 including the overnight shipping. UGH. And to make it even better, they are all out of every size possible for the plaid skirt, any size I could possibly alter myself is totally out of stock until the end of freakin' October. Are these people idiots? How do you run out of clothes that fast. So, I'm crossing my fingers I can go to one of the two crappity crap crap uniforms stores locally (that take 2 weeks for embroidering that damn school logo) and see if I can find a skirt. There is a reason why I shop at Land's End and avoid these two stores, the two times I've been in either store, I was treated like total crap, so I avoid them like the plague.

I'm one of those type of people who bitches about rules, but I am hellbent on following them. I hate getting in trouble. So now I'm queen worry wart right now hoping my daughter doesn't have to go to school without her dress uniform because I'm the biggest idiot of them all.

I'm actually considering hacking up her plaid jumper from last year and turning it into a skirt if I can't find one.

Ok done with the ranting. I'm working on a short little fun tutorial.

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